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Turn of.. looks?

To start things off, no I haven’t started my career with graffiti.
I’m currently debating as to wether or not it should be done legally.

Enough about that, because yesterday when I was out shopping for some art supplies, I came to the conclusion that people think I’m a criminal judged by how I look.
It hasn’t been a problem for me, or at least one I have noticed untill recently.
When I was in Norway I went in to several stores, and each time one of the employees would say hi, then they would follow me around the store.
At first I thought it was some kind of customer service rule they had in Norway, but when I came back home these things kept happening.
Now I notice it in every single store I go in to.
Yesterday at the art supplies store, the clerk was literally following me around the store for 15 minutes. To check my theory I walked around a bit longer (20 minutes) than I had to. He didn’t ask me if I wanted any help, he just kept a distance of about 10 meters, and was watching me.

Then at the supermarket, this colored male was giving me the stink eye too. He even switched lines when he noticed I was behind him.

Normally I would laugh at this sort of thing, and I am. But I also take a bit of offence?
I work for this country, I pay all my bills (late sometimes) I haven’t committed any illegal act since I was around 15. People are extremely judgemental, they can judge a person and develop a backstory after looking at someone for 2 minutes.
I do the same thing, but why is this?
Do we know for a fact that people who wear green canvas jackets are mass murdering psychopaths?
That people who wear ugs are child molesting, weekend bank robbers?


Getting started.


Walking around Stockholm i found this “abandoned” dead end under a bridge. The walls were riddled with dark philosophy and the place reeked of abandoned hope.
Guess i found a place to start working with spraypaint. I think it’s easy to say this now, but considering that there were signs of homeless people, most likely with drug related problems, i think i can’t go by myself. Or i’ll need some sort of weapon to bring with me.
Anyone with experience know what to do?
I was thinking of creating something bright, something to liven the place up a bit.

Last few minutes in Oslo.


I’m at the airport now, checking in wasn’t a hustle and i’ve got about two hours to kill. As sad as i am to leave, i’m looking forward to getting home.
Not so much because i didn’t enjoy my stay here, but mainly because i want to get started on my bucket list, and work on this blog with out having to do it from my phone.
I noted down a few ideas for my bucket list yesterday, amongst them were skydiving, kissing a stranger, start playing rugby again, and a few more. But the ideas aren’t coming as fast as i’d like them to. 

Oslo in general was nice, unfortunatly for me it rained during most of my visit. So before you book a ticket to Oslo, make sure it’s going to be snow or sunshine during your stay. The hotel i can recommend (if you’re on a budget) is they’re very central, relatively cheap and the staff is friendly. Also, if you’re into that kind of thing they are energy efficient and eco friendly to some degree. The hotel is situated a 3 minute walk to the royal palace, and from the closest station (nationaltheatern) you can get nearly anywhere.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of museums and such, but there’s a lot of them to visit, and i recommend you visit at least two tourist attractions during your eventual stay.

The bars in oslo are similar in price as sweden, that’s to say rather expensive. But it’s definetly worth it if you like to have a great time. I visited several bars and clubs during my stay (unfortunate, for my liver) and if you’re planning a trip to Oslo feel free to ask for good places to visit.

That’s all for now i guess, i’ll get back to you guys later.


Today i decided what i’m going to write about. Hallelujah right?
I recently re-watched “the bucket list” and of course i was inspired. However there’s a lack of ideas for my very own bucket list, and perhaps economical factors preventing me from going all out.
So i’m going to put together a list of things i want to accomplish within 2014. However not only must all things in this list be done, but they will be possible and wont rip my economy into a million little peices.
This as you can imagine will be a challenge, so i need your help. No idea, how lame it may seem, is not worth posting. I’ll give my few readers (love you guys) and myself a bit of time to think of some ideas. I will write two lists, all user submitted + my own ideas but i will also write a personal list, which starting from the day i post it; i will do everything i can to accomplish all points. I have 363 days to do it.
I will update later with contact information, but if you have ideas don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
Unfortunatly i only have a handfull of readers, so i need you to be creative, and perhaps ask your friends for ideas.

If one of the points on the list is complete: i will provide video/ picture proof (if possible) and i will share my experiences with you guys.

Please, please, please share your thoughts, i wont judge.

I Apologise.

I made a very quick judgement of Oslo, these past few hours have proved norway to be quite enjoyable. There’s a large mix of people from Transilvania to Australia, all here to take part of the liberal job market. I spent new years with a old friend at hard rock café. 

I believe that due to this cultural mix, your impression of norway will most likely be pleasant. We made a sort of competion yesterday, to see who could make the most drunk friends before midnight, due to my friend being a girl i consider it an unfair advantage. But it was suprisingly easy to talk to people (not nearly as shy and judgemental as swedish people) We even managed to get a bar tender to lend us his hat, at the cost of a shot.

Sure, oslo or norway in general are very expensive, but so far i cant say it isn’t worth it. 

As you might have noticed, this blog lacks a topic, and the more i write the more i feel like i should find something to write about. But for now it will simply be a place for me to share my rabbling thoughts.