I Apologise.

I made a very quick judgement of Oslo, these past few hours have proved norway to be quite enjoyable. There’s a large mix of people from Transilvania to Australia, all here to take part of the liberal job market. I spent new years with a old friend at hard rock café. 

I believe that due to this cultural mix, your impression of norway will most likely be pleasant. We made a sort of competion yesterday, to see who could make the most drunk friends before midnight, due to my friend being a girl i consider it an unfair advantage. But it was suprisingly easy to talk to people (not nearly as shy and judgemental as swedish people) We even managed to get a bar tender to lend us his hat, at the cost of a shot.

Sure, oslo or norway in general are very expensive, but so far i cant say it isn’t worth it. 

As you might have noticed, this blog lacks a topic, and the more i write the more i feel like i should find something to write about. But for now it will simply be a place for me to share my rabbling thoughts.


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