Today i decided what i’m going to write about. Hallelujah right?
I recently re-watched “the bucket list” and of course i was inspired. However there’s a lack of ideas for my very own bucket list, and perhaps economical factors preventing me from going all out.
So i’m going to put together a list of things i want to accomplish within 2014. However not only must all things in this list be done, but they will be possible and wont rip my economy into a million little peices.
This as you can imagine will be a challenge, so i need your help. No idea, how lame it may seem, is not worth posting. I’ll give my few readers (love you guys) and myself a bit of time to think of some ideas. I will write two lists, all user submitted + my own ideas but i will also write a personal list, which starting from the day i post it; i will do everything i can to accomplish all points. I have 363 days to do it.
I will update later with contact information, but if you have ideas don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
Unfortunatly i only have a handfull of readers, so i need you to be creative, and perhaps ask your friends for ideas.

If one of the points on the list is complete: i will provide video/ picture proof (if possible) and i will share my experiences with you guys.

Please, please, please share your thoughts, i wont judge.


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