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Turn of.. looks?

To start things off, no I haven’t started my career with graffiti.
I’m currently debating as to wether or not it should be done legally.

Enough about that, because yesterday when I was out shopping for some art supplies, I came to the conclusion that people think I’m a criminal judged by how I look.
It hasn’t been a problem for me, or at least one I have noticed untill recently.
When I was in Norway I went in to several stores, and each time one of the employees would say hi, then they would follow me around the store.
At first I thought it was some kind of customer service rule they had in Norway, but when I came back home these things kept happening.
Now I notice it in every single store I go in to.
Yesterday at the art supplies store, the clerk was literally following me around the store for 15 minutes. To check my theory I walked around a bit longer (20 minutes) than I had to. He didn’t ask me if I wanted any help, he just kept a distance of about 10 meters, and was watching me.

Then at the supermarket, this colored male was giving me the stink eye too. He even switched lines when he noticed I was behind him.

Normally I would laugh at this sort of thing, and I am. But I also take a bit of offence?
I work for this country, I pay all my bills (late sometimes) I haven’t committed any illegal act since I was around 15. People are extremely judgemental, they can judge a person and develop a backstory after looking at someone for 2 minutes.
I do the same thing, but why is this?
Do we know for a fact that people who wear green canvas jackets are mass murdering psychopaths?
That people who wear ugs are child molesting, weekend bank robbers?



My first impression of Oslo isn’t a very good one. When i was a infant i’ve been here, but i have no memory of it so i consider this to be my first impression. The walls are riddled with vandalism in the form of graffitti. I’m not talking about beautiful peices of street art, but shitty tags of some “crew” and a bunch of self proclaimed “words of wisdom.”

I perhaps have myself to blame for going out a monday at 22:15, but if you ever find your self at anker hotel, dont bother walking around at night in the nearby neighbourhood. I found 3 bars perhaps worth going in to. I took a beer at glade munken which was filled with early alchoholics and regret. 

I called it a night when a was chased out of a neighbourhood by a group of men threatening to stab me. 

Hopefully my stay here will prove differently, but so far i’d sum up oslo as a bunch of dead end streets, over priced and perhaps threatening. 



In a century where we seek mass confirmation through social media we’ve developed  a sort of twisted culture where people are more connected through electronical devices than through actual meetings. Ironic how i’m writing this from my phone.

Oh yes, we all take part in this hysteria, we succumb to the pressure quite easily. In fact if you’re reading this now you probably just finished checking your facebook, your instagram, your snapchat, and sit stupid with your phone, craving entertainment.

The question is how do we unwire? How do we break the trend? We neglect our children, our responsibilities, our desire to sleep, our sex drive. Our phones are the first and last things we see each day, i find it problematic. 

/angry person