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Last few minutes in Oslo.


I’m at the airport now, checking in wasn’t a hustle and i’ve got about two hours to kill. As sad as i am to leave, i’m looking forward to getting home.
Not so much because i didn’t enjoy my stay here, but mainly because i want to get started on my bucket list, and work on this blog with out having to do it from my phone.
I noted down a few ideas for my bucket list yesterday, amongst them were skydiving, kissing a stranger, start playing rugby again, and a few more. But the ideas aren’t coming as fast as i’d like them to. 

Oslo in general was nice, unfortunatly for me it rained during most of my visit. So before you book a ticket to Oslo, make sure it’s going to be snow or sunshine during your stay. The hotel i can recommend (if you’re on a budget) is smarthotel.no they’re very central, relatively cheap and the staff is friendly. Also, if you’re into that kind of thing they are energy efficient and eco friendly to some degree. The hotel is situated a 3 minute walk to the royal palace, and from the closest station (nationaltheatern) you can get nearly anywhere.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of museums and such, but there’s a lot of them to visit, and i recommend you visit at least two tourist attractions during your eventual stay.

The bars in oslo are similar in price as sweden, that’s to say rather expensive. But it’s definetly worth it if you like to have a great time. I visited several bars and clubs during my stay (unfortunate, for my liver) and if you’re planning a trip to Oslo feel free to ask for good places to visit.

That’s all for now i guess, i’ll get back to you guys later.


I Apologise.

I made a very quick judgement of Oslo, these past few hours have proved norway to be quite enjoyable. There’s a large mix of people from Transilvania to Australia, all here to take part of the liberal job market. I spent new years with a old friend at hard rock café. 

I believe that due to this cultural mix, your impression of norway will most likely be pleasant. We made a sort of competion yesterday, to see who could make the most drunk friends before midnight, due to my friend being a girl i consider it an unfair advantage. But it was suprisingly easy to talk to people (not nearly as shy and judgemental as swedish people) We even managed to get a bar tender to lend us his hat, at the cost of a shot.

Sure, oslo or norway in general are very expensive, but so far i cant say it isn’t worth it. 

As you might have noticed, this blog lacks a topic, and the more i write the more i feel like i should find something to write about. But for now it will simply be a place for me to share my rabbling thoughts.

Tell me.

Tell me why it’s so hard to be inspired these days? 

As a graphical (merely a hobby) artist, i think the hardest part of the creative process is coming up with fresh ideas, and actually pulling through. I’ve touched down on most genres that require paper and a pencil, and it’s seemingly impossible to come up with new ideas. 

So tell me, how do you, as a artist, musician, etc; find inspiration? 

I’ve experimented a little with clay, canvas and wood, but most of the time i work with pencil amd paper.

I’ve heard of methods where you can “tap” into the right side of the brain, anyone know more about this?



In a century where we seek mass confirmation through social media we’ve developed  a sort of twisted culture where people are more connected through electronical devices than through actual meetings. Ironic how i’m writing this from my phone.

Oh yes, we all take part in this hysteria, we succumb to the pressure quite easily. In fact if you’re reading this now you probably just finished checking your facebook, your instagram, your snapchat, and sit stupid with your phone, craving entertainment.

The question is how do we unwire? How do we break the trend? We neglect our children, our responsibilities, our desire to sleep, our sex drive. Our phones are the first and last things we see each day, i find it problematic. 

/angry person