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Turn of.. looks?

To start things off, no I haven’t started my career with graffiti.
I’m currently debating as to wether or not it should be done legally.

Enough about that, because yesterday when I was out shopping for some art supplies, I came to the conclusion that people think I’m a criminal judged by how I look.
It hasn’t been a problem for me, or at least one I have noticed untill recently.
When I was in Norway I went in to several stores, and each time one of the employees would say hi, then they would follow me around the store.
At first I thought it was some kind of customer service rule they had in Norway, but when I came back home these things kept happening.
Now I notice it in every single store I go in to.
Yesterday at the art supplies store, the clerk was literally following me around the store for 15 minutes. To check my theory I walked around a bit longer (20 minutes) than I had to. He didn’t ask me if I wanted any help, he just kept a distance of about 10 meters, and was watching me.

Then at the supermarket, this colored male was giving me the stink eye too. He even switched lines when he noticed I was behind him.

Normally I would laugh at this sort of thing, and I am. But I also take a bit of offence?
I work for this country, I pay all my bills (late sometimes) I haven’t committed any illegal act since I was around 15. People are extremely judgemental, they can judge a person and develop a backstory after looking at someone for 2 minutes.
I do the same thing, but why is this?
Do we know for a fact that people who wear green canvas jackets are mass murdering psychopaths?
That people who wear ugs are child molesting, weekend bank robbers?